Last raid of WoD (Achievement run)

Forgot to post this beauty before ;) Anyhow, here it is!

12/13M - It took a while, but now he's dead xD

Oh yeah baby! We forgot to take a proper screenshot, but better than nothing;

Iskar is down, and we are 7/13 Mythic kills.

Had less wipes than we did on heroic. GG

6/13 Mythic, Gorefiend is dead!

We finally managed to kill Gorefiend, a hard boss. Couple next bosses seem okay, good luck to us. Also, you guys did not watch at the camera. GG

5/13 HFC Mythic, time for Gorefiend...good luck to us.

Let's see what we are going to do on Gorefiend ^^

4/13 on Mythic, that took less time than expected.

Well, didn't expect it that early.

3/12 Mythic down \o/!!!oneone1111!

Let the bids for the blademaster trinket begin.

1/13 Mythic, Good job people!

Good job everyone, 1/13 Mythic. Let's keep progressing :)

Heroic Archimonde killed dead, by us!

Good job everyone! So happy :D
Silver is already reading the map so we can find our way to HfC Mythic.

Archimonde deaderino!

Third night and extra raid day kill - feels good \O/

In all the flurry and excitement after boss HP hit 0% i (and other i talked to) forgot to take a kill screenshot :( So if anyone has one please let us know in a comment here!
Meanwhile, here is an older one before our first pull after our first mannoroth kill:

We did bring a couple of pugs (4 out of 16) so we still need a full guild kill, looking forward to it ;)
Next week we'll be progressing Heroic, but if we have time on monday we can go for archimonde again!

GG all

Come one, come all, and witness our new forums!

As an extension to our guild chat we now have these forums to aid our needs of discussions. This enables us to discuss guild matters, ideas, problems and such in a more structured way.

Some forum functions that will be added soon:

1. BB-code which will link to post anchors.
2. Image upload and image scaling.
3. Error/Message reporting for better usage feedback.
4. Guild News will go to the Main Page.
5. Recruitment page with a form which will be posted on the recruitment board.

Also there will be some website improvements overall soon after these forum features have been implemented.

1. Member page to display member information and let you edit your account info.
2. Responsive layout to accommodate smaller devices.

All of you are welcome to, at any time, post suggestions for forum and website feature or usability improvements.